Dragonwing®  girlgear grew from my wish for my daughter and girls everywhere to be empowered to play sports with determination and joy—free from distraction and constraint.

When my daughter was a pre-teen playing soccer, basketball, ballet, ice skating and running in California and North Carolina, she was a serious athlete in need of athletic base-layer and outer-wear. We were forced to shop in the boys’ department. Clothes in the girls’ departments were all fashion and made of lower quality fabrics, not meant for athletes. Women’s athletic wear didn’t fit and wasn’t age-appropriate.

Of course, boys’ clothes didn’t really fit her developing body: shorts had too much fabric in the front and tops were too tight. Shopping trips were awkward and sent the subliminal message that athletic girls were less than feminine. When other mothers shared similar frustrations, I knew I had to do something to make a difference.

The result is a line of sports bras, support tops, compression shorts and thermal leggings, capris and long sleeve tees designed for pre-teen and teen girls. No wedgies. No slipping straps. A fit that’s snug. But not tight. Made for the sports they play.

That's how Dragonwing® girlgear was born.  We are a North Carolina, USA company in service to girls around the world.  Many of our garments are made in the US and all in factories that pay a living wage.

Dragonwing® gives girls the freedom and confidence to focus on the competition, skills, and teamwork of the sports they love, empowering them to play - and be - their best.

Be fierce, fast and have fun!


MaryAnne Gucciardi

Soccer Mom & Dragonwing®  girlgear, Founder