School to Sport Bra for Girls ESQ

$ 29.99

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Girls love the School to Sport Bra because:

  • QAR: 115
  • Four-way stretch and sweat-wicking fabric is super soft and comfortable against your skin.
  • Silver-infused mesh at sides, back, & front keep girls cool and dry.
  • Straps provide support without digging or drooping.
  • Soft bottom band stays securely in place - no riding up or digging in.
  • Sized specifically for girls from pre-teen through teen.
  • Makes a great first bra or training bra for preteen, tween, and teen girls.

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At Dragonwing, we know girls of all ages come in different sizes and shapes, so our sizes are based on measurements, not on age.  We recommend you take a few minutes to measure and then check our size chart to be sure your girl gets the right fit. We're 100% committed to the perfect fit and offer free shipping on returns and exchanges.  If you're unsure about sizing or if you're between sizes, please call or email so we can help: 888-608-0166 or

To help girls feel comfortable and confident, getting just the RIGHT SIZE is REALLY IMPORTANT.

Stand up straight against a wall (no shoes!) and measure from floor to top of head

CHEST:  Lift arms slightly, wrapping tape across back and underarms at the
fullest part of the chest - making sure tape is parallel to floor

WAIST:  Wrap tape around smallest part of waist, keeping it parallel to the floor

HIPS:  Standing straight, measure the fullest part of  the hips, keeping tape level

AGE:  At Dragonwing, we know girls of every age come in every size so we don’t use an age guideline