Braided Headband

$ 9.99

Dragonwing Braided Headband keeps your hair looking good and in place. With your hair securely in place, you'll feel confident to the core and ready to take on the day!

Why you’ll love it:

  • ¾” wide
  • Two times the Silicone grips to help keep securely in place
  • Silkscreen dragonfly accents two bands
  • Handwash and air dry
  •  65/15/20 nylon/polyester/spandex

Available Colors: Teal/Lime/Orange, Teal/Lime/Bright Pink, Teal/Orange/Bright Pink, Lime Orange/ Bright Pink

At Dragonwing, we know girls of all ages come in different sizes and shapes, so our sizes are based on measurements, not on age.  We recommend you take a few minutes to measure and then check our size chart to be sure your girl gets the right fit. We're 100% committed to the perfect fit and offer free shipping on returns and exchanges.  If you're unsure about sizing or if you're between sizes, please call or email so we can help: 888-608-0166 or

Size Chart for sports bras, athletic cami's and spandex shorts for girls ages 8 to 17