Now the fun stuff begins!  We want you to tell the world you're on the A+ Team. We want everyone to use the same post (with your option of one of five photos with a different tagline) - your choice of course! 


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I am thrilled to announce that I’ve been accepted as an A+ Ambassador for @dragonwinggirl!  
Who is Dragonwing?

Dragonwing is the activewear company that specializes in base layers designed just for girls. Dragonwing aims to empower girls by allowing them to focus on what's in front of them - rather than what they're wearing.

Dragonwing is designed to support a range of activities, all day — from homeroom to homework, plus all the after-school sports and hanging out in between. 

A+ is a growing community of active girls ages 5-15 who seek to inspire and empower each other!  Whether she’s on the court or just hanging out with her friends, the Dragonwing girl feels secure in who she is and who she wants to be.

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Use one of these five photos for your post! Pick your favorite tagline! Also, feel free to include yourself in a second (or third) photo of you wearing your favorite Dragonwing look!

 Option #1: Good vibes only!
Option #2: Don't believe me? Just watch!
Option #3: Be a good person!

Option #4: Be real. Not perfect!

Option #5: Work hard. Be nice!