Dragonwing girlgear grew from my dream to provide girls with outstanding bras and sports tops for sports and school. When my daughter was a pre-teen, she was a serious athlete in need of performance wear. We were forced to shop in the boys’ department sending the subliminal message that athletic girls were less than feminine.

Clothes in the girls’ departments were all “fashion” and made of lower quality fabrics, not meant for seriously active girls. Women’s athletic wear didn’t fit correctly or worse –it wasn’t age-appropriate. Shopping trips were awkward especially for bras and support tops – and I didn’t want this to be a barrier to sports.

 At the same time, we saw a growing number of studies documenting that breast development was becoming a barrier to sports for adolescent girls.  

When other mothers shared similar frustrations, I knew I had to do something to make a difference.  The solution was Dragonwing girlgear, a line of sports tops, bras and other essential every day underwear that can be worn under a sports uniform or day clothes.