It is always so much fun to give out prizes and this giveaway was no exception.  When Jaime heard the news she wrote:

OMGoooooossshhhh! I am so beyond excited to win!! I run for exercise and fun daily, and in local 5k's. My 12 year old daughter is on the Varsity line up of her middle school Cross Country team, and she plays basketball year round. My 11 year old daughter runs track and also runs races with me and my husband.  We are from Parkersburg, West Virginia..  My going to be so excited to hear that she's getting some new sports bras just in time for basketball season and the end of XC season! I am so grateful and thrilled that I have won! .... My husband and I actually organized a flood relief 5k to raise money for the flood victims in WV back in July. It raised nearly $800! Running is a big part of our lives and this win is so amazing!!! Thank you soooo much!
We asked Jaime to send a photo and she sent several of her and her family during and after their races.  Congratulations!
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