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This one thing could keep your tween girl in sports

Why do middle school girls quite sports? Thanks to Chris Deacon for her informative article in the Sept 6 issue of Today's Parent.    Studies show that girls start quitting sports in the tween years—this solution might surprise you. Photo: Today's Parent Growing up, Juanita Lee ran track and rowed, but her sport of choice was tennis. She played the game from age six until age 14 when— seemingly overnight— her breasts grew from a 32A to 34DD. The change immediately set her apart from her more petite, flat-chested opponents and made the teenager extremely self-conscious. She hated the sensation of her breasts moving when she ran on the court and how exposed she felt in her scoop-neck tennis dress whose padded...

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School to Sports Bra for Girls is Game Changer

I’m so excited to introduce our new School to Sport Bra! I think it’ll be a game changer for active girls everywhere. With this super comfortable bra, there’s no need to change your bra or camisole before sports. Girls can transition right from school clothes to sports uniform or workout jersey!   Active girls will ...

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